CF42s James Bond Christmas Party…

Thank you to the people who have already purchased their tickets for the Christmas party. For those that have not and are intending to come, here is the deal:
1. The online store is now closed.
2. Door sales on the night will be available however will a $10 surcharge per person will apply.
3. For any guests arriving on the night later than 8.30pm entry will be $20 three drinks inclusive.

Cash note:
If you plan to purchase extra drinks please bring cash on the night as there will be no EFTPOS. Non alcoholic beverages $2 / alcoholic beverages $5 correct change appreciated.

Side note: A few clients have enquired as to what we are doing with the pallets at the box after we have used them for the party. If you would like to take some to make veggie gardens etc. you are welcome. Your opportunity to grab these will be at the box Sunday 2nd @ 9.30am.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Sat night!

13 Responses

  1. Congrats to Drum and Alli!!! Awesome space. May all you guys endure heaps of pain, torture, discomfort and blisters. PS I have some legit, female James Bond outfits from a previous 007 party. Love AS xx