CF42s Hoodies – order yours NOW!

This uni-sex hoodie will have you palming prospective courters off with its timeless design. Perfect for any occasion this master piece of fashion can be simply worn to the gym or for that special occasion match it with your favourite pair of slacks for that ‘James Bond’ look.

All this for only $60.
*Add $10 dollars for postage anywhere in Australia.

Please finalize order by COB 14 April.
Please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery from this date.

Check out the uni-sex size chart here.

To order go here and select ‘Online Store’.

14 Responses

  1. Not sure if I’m being incredibly stupid, but there’s no option to charge it too my account 🙁

        1. Righto. My apologies mate but you can only pay by credit card due to legal reasons behind direct debit authorisations.

          1. All good mate, doesn’t worry me! More so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going blind!

    1. In this hoodie I mean… I don’t have some weird fetish where I want to know what size you are.