The first workout of the 2015 CrossFit Open is released this Friday at 1200. Have you registered yet?

The CrossFit Open is a world wide CrossFit competition where 5 workouts are released over 5 weeks. Workouts are completed and judged at a CrossFit affiliate and your score is entered into a leaderboard where you can compare your score against your mates, your affiliate, your state your country or even the world.

The CrossFit Open is FUN and is a great way to test your fitness. It provides focus to your training, pushes you to your limits and creates a great social environment where everyone gets around eachother.

The CrossFit Open is primarily about testing you against yourself – discovering what you are truely capable of.
This year for the first time there is a ‘scaled’ division which will have reduced loading or less challenging movements making the Open even more accessible.

The 2015 CrossFit Open runs from 27th February to 31 March (Australian time).
CF42s will be running the workouts as the WOD on the following dates:
15.1: Saturday 28th February 0700-1000
15.2: Saturday 7th March 0700-1000
15.3: Saturday 14th March 0700-1000
15.4: Saturday 21st March 0700-1000
15.5: Saturday 28th March 0700-1000
This will be your opportunity to be judged so that you can enter your score into the leaderboard.

Alright I’m in, what do I do next?
You need to register at the CrossFit Games website here.
Don’t forget to select CF42s as your team.

This year CF42s will award prizes for:
Best overall CF42s male (highest place on leaderboard)
Best overall CF42s female (highest place on leaderboard)
Best overall CF42s scaled male (highest place on scaled leaderboard)
Best overall CF42s scaled female (highest place on scaled leaderboard)
Best CF42s Masters athlete (highest place on respective masters leaderboard)
CF42s Spirit of the CrossFit Open