Be a team player – Mark Devine SEALFIT

Take your eyes off yourself and put them on your teammates. Don’t spend too much time looking in the mirror. Put your teammate’s needs before yours. Imagine if everyone did this. Everyone on the team would be watching your back and supporting you, while you were focused on supporting them.

Do this and you will witness something magical. Why?

1. Shared risk. When you share risk equally with teammates, your credibility and trust among teammates goes through the roof. The accountability that comes with shared risk ensures that you act at your best, at all times. You don’t want to let your teammates down. You don’t want them to let you down. You support each other and grow together as peers.

2. Responsibility. The responsibility of having to take care of your team is enormous, but you are not alone. Because of this, you will step up your level of commitment and focus on the mission. The stakes are much higher now than just the potential for letting yourself down.

Finally, an esoteric concept called the Law of Attraction. We attract that which we focus on – subconsciously. If we take this to the team level, then we note that a positive focus on the welfare and success of our team has the energetic effect of transforming not just the team, but ourselves. What you give out, you will get back at least 10x. In turn, be an island, fly solo, and you will decrease your return by 10x. It is much easier to be mentally tough when you have a bunch of other tough people watching your back!

Embrace the Suck!
During a tough evolution, whether a workout, mission, project or crisis, everyone is experiencing the same pain. It doesn’t help you or the team to whine about it. Embrace the suck means to learn to handle abnormallevels of pain and discomfort. You don’t have to like it; you just need to learn to deal with it. Embrace it and find a way to create a positive emotional association with it. Refer to the discussion on the 3rd Mountain of Emotional Control, and also Positivity for ideas. Remember, the best things in life come with pain attached to them. The more pain, the more valuable it is.

“Fake it ’til you make it” will plant seeds of positive energy and, perhaps even humor. Finding humor and grace in painful situations is a powerful skill. Often there is much humor and beauty in sublime and challenging circumstances. Surrender to the reality of the situation – don’t fight it – flow with it.

* Find humor where others can’t
* Find beauty in misery
* Don’t fight, flow!
* Enjoy the journey despite the hardships

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