How were you introduced to CrossFit?
Before Crossfit I was only working out in “globo gym” environment and taking boxing classes. I believed I was reasonably fit… At the time I was working with Raymond (a.k.a Razor) at PCYC and he always spoke highly of what Crossfit had to offer and encouraged me to give it a try. Eventually I gave in!

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
Just over 2 years now. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown!

How did you find out about CF42s?
I am a ninja. I find things!

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?
For me the training environment. The coaches and the overall sense of community and encouragement to always strive to improve and to work on your strengths and weaknesses is quite remarkable. I never get bored, I never need motivation because there are always new challenges around the corner.

What’s your favourite Movement?
Have a guess? Anything to do with squats. Front. Back. Air. Thrusters. You name it, I am all about it.

What’s your least favourite Movement?
Anything to do with cardio. There is no dignity in it.

What’s the one movement you really want to master?
Handstand walk. Unfortunately, my legs are stopping me from being upside down.

What advice can you give someone who’s looking to start or has just started CrossFit?
Definitely to just give it a go. As far as gyms go it looks nothing like what a traditional facility has which can be quite daunting and intimidating. But once you get past the appearance and get to know how a class works and what the set up is the place quickly becomes like home. Plus everyone is just super duper supportive and encouraging to anyone new so any worries you may have are quickly put to rest.

Best CrossFit advice you’ve been given?
Squeeze your bum. That’s it.

Describe any changes you’ve experienced since starting CrossFit?
I found it was possible to hurt everywhere. Just kidding! I have become much much stronger but not only that, my confidence has risen too and I’ve made some pretty great lifelong friends along the way.

Describe your first WOD at CF42s?
30 minutes partner WOD. 20 back squats and 400 meters run. Best of times. I gave up the ability to walk for the rest of the weekend.

Favourite memory at CF42s?
Hard to choose just one, but I think after that first workout I felt so exhausted but so amazing too, like I’d really achieved something.

Tell us a little more about yourself outside of CrossFit?
I was born in Thailand and grew up training and competing in Muay Thai, sprinting and soccer from a very young age. I moved to Australia in my teens and was tasked with learning a new language and a new culture. 16 years later I still coach Muay Thai through PCYC where I also work.

Has CrossFit played a role in how you go about your daily life?
It’s made every little task I do a lot easier through increased strength and flexibility, the physical demands of my workplace are not taxing at all. It makes me motivated to get out of bed early every morning and sets me up for what’s in store for the rest of the day.

What stands out to you as the most enjoyable part of every class at CF42s?
The coaches. Dad jokes from Drum never get old…..

What’s your favourite activity outside of the box?
I love cooking. It is now completely guilt free to feast due to all the training that I do. If I puton weight I can just say I’m bulking. Forever.

What do you do for work?
I am an office coordinator at Hobart PCYC. It involves office work, taking group classes and also doing outreach work with the mobile activity bus. I am also teaching Muay Thai classes there too. I also a weekend job at another gym which funds my shoe and protein addiction, gains don’t come cheap.

Which CF42s athlete are you always chasing?
I have always enjoyed beating Jake and Razor but constantly winning gets old over time and I feel bad for them…so I have to say Big wave.

WOD with shirt on or shirt off?
Shirt off, for sure! Ain’t nobody got time for clothes. Courtesy shorts are a must though.

Do you have the biggest calf muscles in Tasmania?
In fact, they are the largest in the southern hemisphere.

Who should we profile next?
I’d like to know more about Raymond’s dirty past..