An open letter from Eve & Massive…

To Drummond, Alli, Anna, Russ, Adam, Jimmy, Razor, Chops, Cam and everyone at CF42s + CFWX,

We can’t begin to thank you all enough for training and guiding us into this awesome world that is CrossFit and now an integral part of our life. Your friendship, tough love and encouragement inspired us from the start and changed our lives. When we moved down to Tassie we knew no – one and the CrossFit community has been our friends and family and we will never forget it. There are so many awesome people that inspire us in all their journey’s whether it is just to improve fitness and health or whether it is aiming to get to the CrossFit games. All of you are awesome and we will miss you.

A special thank you to Drummond who in our opinion is one of the best coaches you could ever possibly wish to have.  To step into a gym for the first time and meet someone as welcoming, friendly and encouraging like Drum who makes you believe that you can do anything is amazing. And the thing is – he is so right! We can do anything!So we are now back in Mt Gambier – and an open invitation to you all to come and visit us if you are ever over this way. Once again we will miss you all so much and thank you!

Xoxoxox much CrossFit love from Adam and Eve.

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