A wrap up of the CrossFit Games Open…

The Open brought a challenge which was meet with courage and enthusiasm by the Tasmanian CrossFit community.
Many an athlete achieved more than they thought possible and experienced  the thrill of being cheered by an electric crowd.
Both as a team and as individuals we found a bunch of things to work on for next year and a renewed motivation to punch those goats in the face.
Most importantly the Open displayed how strong our community is – the athletes, the supporters, the coaches, the Tasmanian affiliates.
So thank you for being brave enough to put yourself out there and strive daily to be a better version of yourself.
On a personal note I’d like to thank the amazing CF42s coaches. CF42s would not be what it is without the support and dedication of these outstanding trainers.

Take this time to acknowledge someone for their efforts or support. Post your love to comments.

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  1. For me, many goats were discovered during the unraveling of what was the 2012 Open… But it’s a good thing, it’s given me many things to work on and areas to focus a little more on to try and become a better all-round athlete, and be prepared to compete again next year.

    I’d like to extend a big thank you to the entire CrossFit community, especially in Southern Tas, who turned out for the Friday night hitouts to support not only myself, but all the athlete’s who took part. The energy, enthusiasm and support that was given to everyone, regardless of abilities or scores, really does underline (for me at least) the amazing community that we are training in.

    Finally, a big thank you is in order for the coaches for their support and encouragement during the workouts. From the NO-REP! calls to the congratulations at the end of the WOD, it really does set a very high standard, and one that it is a (sometimes hidden) pleasure to strive to achieve. I couldn’t close out without special thanks to Drummond though (and Allie for being so tolerant!) for opening the box up to us all for the hitouts and creating the atmosphere that we had, but also just for taking us on as atheletes and helping us on our CrossFit journey. We are truly blessed to have his skills and enthusiasm available to us.

  2. With so many amazing performances it is so hard to pick out individual efforts, but 3 immediately come to mind: Lindsey for her amazing strength and athleticism demonstrated across all 5 WODs; Julian for his costumes, motivation and flair that he always brings to the box, and Hilux for the courage he showed in every WOD and for his filming and editing efforts of 12.3 – it is great that we have a record of just how good the atmosphere was at each Friday Night Hit Out, so thank you!

  3. I’m grateful for the opportunity to test myself. Having spent so long being ‘broken’ it was an empowering experience to actually test myself against a high global standard of athletes.

    I’m not sure how many people have realised this, but the standard of the athletes that we train with each day is in the top percentiles of the World! And I’m not talking just the ‘big names’ we have and see constantly with top scores, I’m talking everybody as whole.
    We have a culture and attitude that is A-Grade.

    To each of the coaches who were with me at each stage.
    Jess, Cam and DJ Dave. Thank you, you always gave more than was required, quiet words of encouragement and the tips and hints to get the job done faster and more efficiently. It’s easy to say ‘No-Rep’, but you would take the higher road and give it with a solution to make it better next time.

    To the crowd. Wow! You guys were unbelievable in your enthusiasm and in your power to give energy. I soared with you on 12.2, and needed you on 12.3!! (“GIVE ME 5 MORE!”)

    Don’t EVER underestimate the power of encouragement and a kind word, and despite my bellowing, louder doesn’t mean better, in 12.3 I watched Drum approach athletes competing and offer just a few quiet words that would send them into an explosion of energy.
    Even the smallest of voices can give a man hope enough to get up and go at it again; don’t ever be shy.

    Having said that, actions are louder than words, the giving of a hug, the shake of a hand, we have a fantastic culture of showing some appreciation and congratulation for every effort.
    Sometimes that means being hard too. I watched Cam hurting his way through 12.5, ‘putting his back to the bar’, and then like a thunderous mountain Brett was there behind him and all but pushed him back on it.

    That’s the kind of friends you want. The type that will throw you back to wolves because they know you have more to give, that you can do better and that you can succeed. They believe in your potential.
    That’s the kind of lifestyle we are creating here at 42South.

    There are so many individual achievements that impressed and inspired me. Some were for pure athletic ability. But the true magic for me is found when the hard times come closing in and you stand witness to a person conquer themselves to triumph over adversity.
    Lindsay: All day, Every day. But for me it was 12.1 . Burpees. And your tenacity to face them down. Sheer strength of will and character.

    Razor, Rowan, Austin, Kyle; you guys Threw yourselves at the bars in 12.2 and 12.3, (which was nearly your body weight) with such fury and emotion. Your desire to succeed and push that boundary was inspiring.

    Hilux: The Whole CrossFit Open. You would push yourself into delirium Every goddamn time, each time I would think you were going to die, and then you would push out another round.

    Lukey. P. : You are a shepherd of goats! One of the newest guys to CrossFit, and you launched yourself at the games without hesitation.

    Jess. 12.1 Retry. For saying the words “I give up! I can’t do it!”, but never once stopping.

    Cam: For sharing with everyone the ‘turkey dance’ you do so well.

    Markymark, aka ‘smooch’: 12.2 & 12.3 For retrying it the day after and doing better, and then coming back 4 days after having your teeth pulled out.

    DJ Dave: For demonstrating that you can keep a cool head and just get the work done. Each one of your workouts are a solid and robust performance.

    Julie: 12.4.
    Dancey 12.1
    Chris 12.3

    For every athlete who made 2nd attempts, it shows that you hold yourself and your ability in a high regard. You take pride in yourself and your achievements.

    You are the embodiment of intensity. You lived in demonstration of the full CrossFit Creed, even when it would leave you wrecked and without any functional movement afterwards.

    All of this is not possible without one key element. The nucleus of our energy and form.
    You see it all starts at the top, with Drummond.

    Mate, you are world class.
    In knowledge
    In teaching
    In ability
    In your achievements
    And in making hilariously inappropriate poo and bum jokes.


    1. Absolutely awesome comment Jules

      Big thanks also to Cam, Razor and DJ for their counting & motivation, the crowd for the atmosphere and encouragement they bought, and most of all to Drummond who made it all possible, absolute legends!

    2. You really have a way with words, nice one.

      Thanks again to all the coaches, all the athletes and all the supporters!

  4. So pleased I did it, so pleased it’s over!! So much thanks to Julie for persuading me to sign up and for being there for me all the way.

    Big thanks to the coaches who got me through, Drum, Chopsy, Jess and DJ, all of you were great and gave me exactly the feed back I needed when I needed it.

    It was great to get the opportunity to watch the coaches push through a work out too. Not just to see impressive physical and mental performances but to see that it doesn’t come easy no matter what stage you’re at!

    The mental barrier I went through to get past the 12.1 was massive and it will always be a reference point for me when I’m struggling in the future.

    I thought everyone who dared to take part was awesome and it makes me proud and so so happy to be part of this community.

  5. I would first like to thank all the coaches for making the hit out possible. But an extra thank you to jimmy thomas for being my counter and motivator throughout the open.without your support mate I never would have achived what I did.

    As stated above there was so many awesome efforts it is difficult to single one out.having said that one effort springs to mind for me and that comes from toddy from crossfit colossus
    Toddy has only been training for a short time under the careful watch of jimbo. as of the thursday before 12.2 todd didnt even know what a snatch was let alone having an isabel time. But in true colossus spirit he was able to learn fast then harness what he had been taught. Come friday hefought through to finish with an impressive score of 60. For someone who had never even attempted snatch before the thursday night class this is an awesome effort, all you boys out there have so so much potential and I cant wait to see what the next 12 months will bring for you all!!

    1. you are welcome friend…great performance by you mate…looking forward to hitting some solid clean eating over the next few weeks/months and smashing up some crazy-ass training. stay awesome mate

  6. I don’t have a whole lot to add to Julian’s comment as a whole, other than to reinforce my thanks to everyone who was there to support, encourage and compete over the last five weeks. Special thanks to Drum and DJ for counting and motivating me, but of course all the trainers were incredibly inspirational through workouts that were both mentally gruelling and technically challenging! I think it’s safe to say that none of us would have done anywhere near as well as we did without them! Drum and DJ’s advice and support coupled with everyone yelling and screaming at me in my corner (Nick E, Julian, Em, Ky, Mum, Julie, Lindsey, and more) was the only reason I got 34 snatches instead of 30. Thank you all!

    Personally, I’ve learnt so much about myself as an athlete, my strengths and weaknesses (Mostly weaknesses!) but also a lot about myself as a person. I have so much to work on to do over the next year prepare for 13.1 but overall I’ve learnt that I couldn’t be in a better place to do that – The people at 42 South are some of the most amazing I’ve ever met, and I couldn’t be luckier to know and workout along side you all. Community is what makes CrossFit special, and we’ve got a hell of a community!!

  7. Well that was my first CrossFit Open and what an experience. I have never been more proud of the Tassie CrossFit community and what went down over the past few weeks.

    I want to say a big thank you to Drummond and Russell for believing in me to start and grow my affiliate (CrossFit Colossus). I simply could not have done this without you boys. I have an incredible bunch of athletes and I owe my coaching skills to Drum and Russ….they are truly the best coaches anyone could ask for. The super hard training that used to go on every morning was awesome and I miss those times heaps, some of the best training of my life happened throughout 2011 with you guys.

    I also want to thank my beautiful partner Erene for being so tolerant and understanding. So many hours I have spent away from you to try and make this business work and succeed. I love you with all my heart.

    Another big thanks to Big Wave and Bretto. You will never find 2 guys more willing to help anyone else out. If there were some one I could be when I grow up it would be half big wave and half brett. Thanks for keeping me on the right track with my training/nutrition Bretto and thanks for all those beautiful black pudding brekkies big wave 🙂

    Alli Williamson, Everytime you have trained at my box you seem to have this amazing aura that every person is attracted to. You have grown my business just from being you. You truly are 1 amazing person so thank you.

    A final thanks to all my athletes. An absolute incredible bunch of people. You guys have taught me so much about myself and I love you all for it. Well done to all who went in the 2012 CrossFit Open Games. I hope you surprised yourselves because you completely blew me out of the water. Well done to Toddy, Scotty, Jade, Nico, Lukey, Apples, Candy, Phil, Eleni and Ash. Can’t wait for next year 🙂

    2012 CrossFit Open Standout:

    Nic Garrett…Always cool, calm and collected. An athlete that everyone else looks up to and constantly has to chase. You hit every workout like it is going to be your last and show awesome courage and consitency. Great work mate, many many good things are to come for you.

    Thank you