A letter from Lawrence & Loretta…

Hey Drum!

Can’t believe we will be sailing off tomorrow already.  Lawrence and I
would like to thank you massively for the great “establishment” of
Crossfit 42 South and your coaching.  Of course, the other coaches and
crossfitters, without them, Crossfit 42 South would not be the way it

Not going to lie, your place was one scary and intimidating joint when
Lawrence first brought me.  Walking out from there in the first few
sessions, couldn’t help but felt absolutely useless, hehehe. Thank you
so much for your encouragement and belief that I do have the strength
there, deep down.  I do feel stronger physically, but most
importantly, mentally as well.

Coincidentally when I first joined, I was about to have my interview
for my admission to Mel Uni for medicine.  I didn’t realise how much
crossfit helped me to prepare for this.  The attitude of perseverance
and the ability to brace anything thrown at me (like my double
unders:>) really helped me to have the right mind for one of the most
important interviews of my life.  I’m in!  Beginning this coming
Monday on my 4 years of strenuous, but exciting journey to become a
doctor :>

Well, we’ve already sought a joint (hoping it will be similar to yours
in Melbourne) and ready to continue being smashed in every workout.

Lawrence and I wish you, your family and your business all the best in
the future.  We shall be in touch in some ways.  Maybe one day you
will get an email with an attached video of me smashing my double
unders or doing my first rxd workout:>

Lawrence & Loretta

3 Responses

  1. Very best of luck. On my first day at Crossfit, Lawrence came over and shook my hand about 20 seconds after me walking in the door and welcomed me in. Fantastic.

    I hope Med school goes well and you both continue on your Crossfit journey.


  2. Bless you guys; you will continue to shine brightly Loretta; thank you both for your warmth and encouragement…you will be missed xx