A Goodbye Letter from Bretty…

I have dreaded writing this letter for some time now, as it signifies that i am leaving the group of people i have come to love. I can honestly say without a doubt that the last eighteen months have been the best i have lived to date And that is 100% attribitued to all my expierences across cf42 cfwx and cfc. You guys really are the best people i have met. I was really moved by all the words of encouragement and support on saturday night and it was something that i really didnt expect. I make no apology for this letter going a little long as i want to make note of everyone who has played a part in my life over the last 18 months.

First of all it goes without saying

Mate the only way i can describe you is to say you are a “nuclear bomb of awesomeness”. You have more energy at any given moment than three men could hope to achieve across six lifetimes. You have the unique ability to be able to pass on this energy whenever and to whoever you come into contact with, this is an attribute that i truley admire. i have never met anyone with this and i doubt i will see this again for some time as it is increadibly rare. As for what you have helped me achieve as an athlete i cannot begin to describe how much you have done for me. The person i was 18 months ago is unreconisable compared to the person i am today and most of that can be attribitued to you. Thank you for taking the time out to answer my endless barrage of stupid questions and culling my “brillant ideas” before they killed me. Both you and alli have given me so much and i wish i had something to offer more than a thankyou as it seems so inadequate compared to what you have done for me. Never stop being the legend that you are buddy and try not to hack your arms and legs off with that chainsaw. Thanks again for everything mate. i sure will miss all the sledging.

You are the brother that i never had. To say you are a top mate is nothing short of a “colossol” understatment. I have had the honor and privelage of knowing you even if only for a short time. Your compassion and constant drive for excellence is something that i doubt i will ever be able to achive across my lifetime. You have been nothing short of paramount in the journey i have taken through crossfit and in life in general. I have never seen you lose your shit once in the whole time i have known you and i wish you could say the same about me, 😉 I have no doubt that you will go to the games and my only hope is that one day i will be able to compete alongside you rather than just watching from the side. Never stop being awesome mate and thanks again for being an awesome mate, coach, mentor and the closest thing i have to a brother.

I will never forget the first time i met you buddy. The first words you spoke to me were “stop being a f@$king pussy, you are a f@$king soft c@$k”. A phrase since then i have heard on multiple occasions. i still dont believe that you are 50 years old as i have more fun hanging out with you than a lot of my mates that are 20. I can only hope that one day i will have the capacity to love a family as much as you love yours buddy 🙂 The times i have had training and hanging out with you are something i will remember wherever life may take me. Thank you along with anna for letting me use your awesome gym whenever i pleased. I am increadibly fortunate. I have no doubt you will make the podium this year mate and for many years to come. Thanks for everything buddy but most of all thanks for being a top mate!!

If it wasnt for you i would have had rhabdo at least three or four times by now and probably be living with a kidney dialisis machine. Thank you for being my crossfit mum, keeping me on track, telling me off when needed, supporting me when i was down and just being generally awesome. You were never afraid to speak your mind with me about what you thought and that is something that isn’t very common and i sure hope you never stop doing it. Love you heaps

Big Wave and Sarah
You two really are the warmest, nicest people i have ever met. Thankyou for opening your doors to me, inviting me for breakfast, inviting me for lunch and inviting me for dinner….. All the time 🙂 i really treasure all the times i spent with you both and i look forward to coming to visit when i am back down next 🙂

Cam, sparta, leroy, dj, julie, alice b ,jess lyndon ,jerka, big tommy

I really believe that crossfit is a team sport. And you guys for me, are the team. I have had the pleasure of being in constant discomfort everyday around you guys for the last 18 months. Each and every one of you really get the best out of me and without that i would probably be sitting in pizza hut right now eating my way to an early grave. I doubt i will ever have a team as badass as you, but even if the army is half as cool as you guys, They will still be pretty badass. Ill look forward to coming down and “laying down the hate” with all of you as soon as possible. Thank you all for putting up with my unusual sence of humor and cheering me home on each and every workout. I was fortunate enough to be able to compete in the open with all you guys and it really did get the best out of me.

I hate you. I am now 100% addicted and dependent on your jerky and paleo snacks to function.
It has become a real problem and i have since had to go into rehab to try and sort this shit out 😉

All the army boys
Thanks you all for taking me with you on stomps, setting up my pack and teaching me the basics of nav. In particular i would like to thank slats. You helped me out a shit ton with my swimming and pack marching. Hopefully one day i will be able to use these skills in a real life situation.

Thanks for all your help with the commando and army stuff mate. You really helped me out when no one else could, cheers buddy

All the colossus crew
There are too many of you guys to name individually so ill go the broad smeare. Thanks for having me as your backup trainer. I am far from what i would call a “coach” but i had a blast looking after all you lot. I really look forward to coming back and seeing how far you guys have progressed, in particular toddy and phil but espically nikko salo. Keep listening to jimmy, work on your goats, try to wear shoes when training (cough phil) and try to turn up on time 😉

To everyone else i have forgotten to mention
I really hate to address you all like that because it is so impersonal as each and every one of you really do matter to me but my tiny retarded brain cannot cope with remembering you all 🙁 thanks a bunch for being the highlight of my day every day. There was nothing more i looked forward to when i started work than coming in and training with the coolest bunch of people ever. So thanks again for everything

The coming months/ years are uncertain for me. I have little idea where i will end up or what i will become. However i will remember everything i have learnt from cf42s and i will draw strength from that. I have learnt some valuable life lessons from crossfit, ones i dont think i could have learnt anywhere else. I have grown up more in this last 18 months than i have in the last 21 years. I do not know what challenges lay ahead of me but if crossfit has taught me anything it would be to embrace the suck and get on with it. With this in mind i believe that nothing and no one will stop me from acheiving my goals. Stay cool everyone and remember… Winners never quit and quitters never win.


Smooth seas do not make skillfull sailors.

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  1. Lump in my throat reading that. Absolute. Legend.

    Stay awesome mate and good luck.

  2. Thanks for your letter Brett, it made me tear up a little. There will always be a special place for you at CF42s love Alli x