You are one of our younger members – how old are you?
Twenty, which makes me sad, I miss being a teenager already!

Are you at Uni? If so, what are you studying?
I was studying a combined degree of Arts and Law at UTAS for a semester this year until I realised that it wasn’t for me – so I left, but I really want to go back next year and study nutrition.

Do you have plans for life after school and University?
I have no idea! At the moment I’m kind of just winging things and hoping I’ll figure out what I want to do; although travelling is definitely on the list.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of CrossFit?
I work part time at Hungry Jacks and I’ve just moved out of home with some friends in North Hobart, so usually if I’m not working or at CrossFit I’m hanging out with my housemates.

How long have you been doing CrossFit?
I’m not actually sure – I think I joined in February 2014 so it’s been under a year.

How did you find out about CrossFit 42 South?
?I saw a CrossFit event at the DEC in 2013 and I was really confused about what CrossFit actually was, but it looked a lot more fun than what I was doing at the gym. So I searched CrossFit on youtube and CrossFit places in Hobart and stalked the CF42s website for about a month until I built up the courage to email Drummond for a trial, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Have many of your friends tried CrossFit?
I nagged and nagged Tommy K to try CrossFit since he was really into going to the gym, and after multiple attempts he finally tried the onramp and ended up joining.

And Tommy enjoys CrossFit as much as you do?
I think he likes it; he really enjoys the CrossFit community and how supportive everybody is.

What’s your most favourite and least favourite movements?
My favourite movement is the hang power clean; it’s so awesome seeing how much weight I can throw up on my shoulders without breaking them, and it’s probably no surprise to anyone that my least favourite movement is definitely running.

You competed in the Friday Night Hit Outs this year as a new member of CF42s – was that scary? Tell me about your experience.
It was terrifying! I was in my first few weeks of Crossfit and the first WOD was snatches and double-unders, so I had to learn how to do a double-under about an hour before it was my turn. I managed to get through one round with multiple whip marks on my arms but it was such an awesome experience, and I still have my papers with my results on them in my wallet!

Favourite memory at CF42s?
I think every time I was able to do an Olympic lift with 35kg just so I could dump the bar. I remember my first power clean with 35kg and just dumping it on the ground feeling very accomplished. Theres still a few lifts I cant do at 35kg like a snatch or a overhead squat, but I’ll get there.

What sticks out to you as the most enjoyable part of every class at CF42s?
Knowing how supportive everybody is is great and it makes classes really enjoyable. I remember when I first started and I would always take forever to finish a WOD, but I would have people encouraging me to keep going, it’s really motivating. Also it makes the WODs more bearable if you know there’s lot’s of people suffering with you.

When I walk into the box, the first person I check on the whiteboard is?
I don’t check anyone in particular, I usually just check the early classes to see how hard I’m supposed to hit the WOD.

You’ve just got some shiny white oly-lifting shoes – things are starting to get serious! What are you training goals leading into summer and 2015?
I have and I love them! I’ve set myself a few goals; I really want to be able to do toes-to- bar, strict pull-ups, a handstand, and to get a 100kg deadlift, I’m at 85kg at the moment so I’m close! I want to be able to front squat and clean my body weight (which no one really needs to know) and I’d like to be able to do a running WOD without wanting to collapse on the floor.

Which trainer has the neatest handwriting?
Kylie for sure.