WOD: Wednesday

Weighted Pull-ups 2-2-2-2-2-2-2

Novices will be working strict Pull-up progressions.

Finisher: Play with handstand walks

Phillipa from CrossFit Newcastle (qualified 28th in the CrossFit Games Open – Australia) popped in for a WOD last week and enjoyed the company of an all boys class.

2 Responses

  1. WOD results:

    A. 2RM weighted Pull-up x 7 sets
    B. Strict Pull-up with drop set to max effort band assisted
    C. Band assisted Pull-up

    (Best effort across all sets)

    Razor: A. 22.5kg
    Mark: C. 8 (orange)
    Leisha: B. 3 (6 purple)
    Bove: B. 3 (3 negative)
    Tasha: C. 10 (orange)
    Jaci: C. 7 (green)
    Alex: A. 16.25kg
    Sarah: C. 14 (green)
    Martin: C. 10 (blue)
    DJ Dave: A. 25kg
    Matt: 17.5kg
    Sanch: ?
    Yaro: A. 25kg

    Chops: A. 27.5kg
    Drum: A. 45kg
    Russ: A. 40kg

    12 noon:
    Brett: CC: 12.57 rxd/A. 25kg
    Jimmy: CC: 22.53 rxd/A. 30kg
    Frank: A. 35kg
    Jose: A. 20kg
    Nikki6: A. 45kg
    Sam: A. 40kg
    Kyle: A. 12.5kg
    Jerka: A. 17.5kg
    Jason: B. 12 (6 purple)
    Mark.I: 6 (green)

    Cat: C. 16 (green)
    Slayer: A. 25kg
    Ester: C. 11 (green)
    Nick.W: A. 27.5kg
    Chris: A. 30kg
    Murph: C. 8 (purple)
    Nick: B. 7 (5 orange)
    Spartacus: A. 27.5kg
    Le’Roy: A. 30kg
    Lisa.N: C. 3 (purple)
    Jake: A. 20kg
    Nick.C: A. 10kg
    Clair: C. 8 (green)
    Big Wave: A. 25kg
    Adam: A. 20kg

    Eleni: C. 15 (green)
    Tan: C. 3 (purple)
    Tom: A. 45kg
    Lukey: A. 20kg
    Eve: C. 7 (purple)
    Adam.M: B. 2 (5 orange)
    Liam: A. 12.5kg
    Steano: A. 15kg
    Timmy: B. 7 (8 purple)
    Edwin: A. 20kg
    Cam: A. 27.5kg

  2. Ww

    5 rds for time of:
    45sec Dead lift (100kg), 15sec rest, 45sec ring push UPS, 15sec rest

    Red: 12/25,12/20,12/20,12/20,13/19