Get fit. have fun. make friends.

Come & Try CrossFit

We’re more than just a gym.

CF42s is a community, a family and a healthy way of life.

If you’re looking to become the best version of yourself, keen to lose a few kilos, or just want to get moving again, join us for a free trial class.

We’re also very happy to welcome visiting CrossFitters.

Please feel free to simply pop into the gym 10 minutes before a scheduled class and wait by the front desk for your coach (as we often don’t get a chance to check our phone during a busy day of coaching).

Or click below to book a spot.

What is crossfit...?

With a large variety of functional movements, our approach to strength and fitness is constantly varied in a group training format that combines perfectly, to help you stay motivated.  

At least two coaches supervise all of our scheduled classes so that you’ll always have a trained professional guiding your health and fitness journey. 

And each session can be adjusted to suit all experience and ability levels, with guidance from your coach.

Our regular classes

CrossFit WOD

Workout of the Day

Constantly varied in format & movement, the 60 minute daily workout includes technical skills, strength training & cardio fitness.


For the busy life

With a less technical focus, these 45 minute sessions make sure you're building an engine & gaining strength along the way.

Open Gym

Time for extra work

For several hours on either side of our scheduled classes, the gym is open to allow for extra training or work on a weakness.

Olympic Lifting

Our technical barbell class

Every second Saturday we offer a dedicated Olympic Lifting class that focuses on improving the technical aspect of your lifts.


Each day we offer several convenient time slots that have a flexible capacity take to cater for your busy lifestyle.  Sunday is the perfect time to use your fitness, as we are closed.


Once you’ve completed your free trial session, you’re welcome to select the membership option that best suits you.

Following consultation with your trainer, these can be paused or swapped at various intervals.  Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts.


Per fortnight


Full access to all scheduled classes & open gym.


Per fortnight


Access to all Express classes & open gym.


Per fortnight


An unlimited option for full time students.


Per session (or $100/week)


Visiting CrossFitters are always welcome.

Hear from our community

Our inclusive community is made up of a diverse bunch of like-minded people, who are happy to share a good time but don’t take life too seriously. 

With CrossFit, you won’t find any mirrors or too many mobile phones.  However, you will find out that everyone says hello, shares a smile and motivates each other to train that little bit harder.


I had zero 'CrossFit' experience when I joined, so for the first six months I just did Express. This helped me learn the basic movements before moving onto the Daily Workouts. With a little bit of coaching everyday, I feel like I keep getting better and better. Most importantly I've made so many great new friends.


Perfectly placed down the driveway, right near the heart of the city is a haven where fitness is gained, friends are made, and wellbeing is balanced. CF42s is like a great big selfcare hug, I love it.


CF42s is more than just a gym. It’s a place where you can shut off the outside world and have 60 minutes that's simply all yours. Everything else waits. Pretty soon after joining, you'll also start bettering yourself, having a great time and meeting some new best mates. And what's not to love about that? Sounds more like a holiday if anything!

About us

Founded by Australian CrossFit pioneer Drummond Williamson we’ve been ‘clanging & banging’ since March 2010.   

Now under the leadership of the next generation with Codi and Claire, many of the same faces still find a healthy lifestyle with CF42s after all these years, as new members continue to join our great community.

Meet our trainers

Find us here

Please feel free to pop in during any of our scheduled hours and have a chat with one of our team. Or leave us a direct message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (as we often don’t get a chance to check our phone during a busy day of coaching).

You’ll find us in a large warehouse, down the short laneway that is located between the townhouses and the large service garage. 

There is plenty of parking on Patrick and Campbell Street.