5 Minutes With… Bec


How were you introduced to CrossFit?
Kyle, funnily enough! And it was great! I saw all of these girls who were lifting all of these weights! And, being myself I was like heck yeah! I can do that!…

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5 Minutes With… Aon


How were you introduced to CrossFit?
Before Crossfit I was only working out in “globo gym” environment and taking boxing classes. I believed I was reasonably fit… At the time I was working with Raymond (a.k.a Razor) at PCYC and he always spoke highly of what Crossfit had to offer and encouraged me to give it a try. Eventually I gave in!…

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Christmas Party

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Saturday 5th Dec
Salamanca Arts Centre
Prepay $45
Door Sales $60
*Ticket price includes entertainment, food and drinks*
For more details and to make payment please click here:…

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